Semallé : Rose Taillé's home The nurse of St. Therese, the Little Flower

This is where Rose Taillé lived. It was she who looked after the baby Thérèse, whose health was so delicate that the worst was feared at one point.


Thérèse was two months old when she was handed over to her nurse in March 1873. She stayed with her until 2 April 1874 and even after her return to her parents in Alençon remained close to her nurse.


Pilgrims regularly make the journey to Rose’s house, 8 kilometres outside Alençon, on foot or by car. There is an obvious  link between the name of the nurse, who was called ‘the little Rose’, and Thérèse’s love of flowers, particularly roses. She said: “When I am in heaven I will rain down a shower of roses”. 


Rose Taillé is now at rest in the graveyard of Ste Marguerite de Carrouges.